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Cox WebMail Communications is owned by Cox Enterprises and headquartered in America. It is a Telecommunications industry that offers various services like a cable network, broadband internet, wireless, home security, business services, and much more.

Other than the said services, Cox also offers its users webmail services on a grand note. The Webmail service of Cox is intended to provide easy access to your mail from any standard web browser.

With the help of cox webmail, customers can access up to 10 email accounts at a time. Cox webmail is capable of handling multiple email accounts at a time. It also allows the users to compose messages to the contacts present in the address book. Users can also do much more like managing SpamBlocker etc.

Cox WebMail

WebMail is nothing but an application developed by Cox Communications. It offers both residential and business internet services to its customers. The internet services provided by Cox vary depending on the location of the user. Also, the Cox Internet service differs from one region to region.

The Webmail backing up depends purely on the type of Cox internet account the user chooses. Cox offers four basic Internet access packages, namely, Essential, Preferred, Premier, and Ultimate packages. Each package differs from the amount of storage it provides. The storage space starts with 1GB and goes to unlimited.

  cox webmail

Cox Webmail Login Sign in to Account

If you are a new member of Cox, you need to first register with it to enjoy its services. To sign in, you will need a User ID and Password and also a Contact Email Address which is the way to access secure areas of Cox such as:
cox webmail login

View/Pay Bill – Provides secure access to your Cox statements, bill payment pages, and services such as EasyPay, Stop Paper Bill, and Email Reminders.

My Account – allows you to change or set your account settings like Nickname, Password, PIN, Security Question & Answer, Privacy Settings, Authorized Users, Billing Address, Payment Methods, and Contact Email Addresses.

My Services – Customers will be given access to all Cox online services.

Cox Email – On signing in, the customer will be given access to their personal Cox Email services.

Voice Tools  Offers access to personal Cox Phone web pages.

You can find the sign-in page once you visit By clicking on the Sign In Account on the top of the homepage, you will see options like No Account? Register now! Link to create a User ID and password.

If you have already created your account with Cox, then you can enter your user ID and password to sign in.

In case if you have forgotten your user ID or password, then you need to click on the Forgot User ID / Password? Link. You can follow the steps as mentioned on the page to reset your user ID or password.

How to validate your Cox account?

The user needs to validate their Cox account to grab its services. To verify their account with Cox, the user needs to click on Register Your Account section and choose the method they want to confirm their report with.

While doing this, you need to have your Cox bill with you to enter all the details in the validating form. Below are the different ways to validate the Cox account.

Using Account Number for validation

You can use your account number to validate your Cox account.

  1. Fill in the fields such as,
  2. 16-digit Account Number
  3. 4-digit Cox PIN (or last 4-digits of the SSN) and
  4. Click Continue to Next Step.
  5. Your Cox account will be validated using your account number.
  6. Using Adress for validation
  7. Fill in the fields such as,
  8. Street Address:
  9. Apartment Number: (if applicable)
  10. Zip Code:
  11. Cox PIN or Last 4 of SSN:
  12. Continue to next step

How to create user ID and password?

  1. Enter the user ID as of your choice, which will be verified by Cox and then set a password.
  2. Click to continue to step next and enter the email address you would like to use to validate your account. (You cannot complete the bill payment process if the email ID you have given is incorrect).
  3. Select a Security Question and enter a Security Answer.
  4. Review the Privacy Policy.
  5. Register Your Email Address
  6. Select the paperless billing option if you don’t want to get a paper billing
  7. After that, click on Register Account. In doing so,
  8. You will receive a validation email that you need to open and follow the instructions.

Once the validation is done, you will be prompted to log in to your Cox account. If you want to update your account preferences like your PIN printed on your bill, opting into Cox Email, your preferred contact method, your preferred email address, and setting up secondary user IDs, simply click View Profile and continue to the next step.

How to Backup Cox WebMail 

Cox allows its users to backup email in their WebMail application. There are various backup methods that users can opt which will offer security and control over their Cox WebMail log. Below are the few ways to backup Cox WebMail.

POP3 Access

To back up the Webmail, the most used method is POP3 access. The user needs to activate POP3 within each email account first. From the main setting menu of WebMail, configure the account by choosing “Enable POP3”.

Backup Cox WebMail

Once configure is done, use an email client like Outlook or Mac Mail to set up. The account. The email client will, in turn, save all the copies of incoming mails from Cox’s server. It will ultimately create a backup of the email messages.

Secondary Account

You can also create a backup by creating a Secondary account. Users can create around ten different mail accounts in Webmail.

To create a secondary account and go to the setting menu of the original email account and select the “Forward” option there.

Enter the email address for the secondary account. It will automatically transfer the emails from the original mail account to the secondary account, creating a virtual backup of the account’s email messages.

Automated Backup

Other than the two backup services we discussed above, there is another service called automated backup service. This service is called Media Store and Share.

In addition to using this computerized service, users need to authorize Cox to back up the WebMail accounts.

However, the automated backup service is not available in all localities. Users should contact Cox and confirm with them about the same.

Cox webmail Number Support 


To check your balance, make a payment or get technical support for TV, Internet, and Phone services, call 1-800-234-3993. The support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Homelife customers

Homelife customers can call the below number if they have anything to report, inquire about billing, purchase additional equipment, or modify their account.

Call Us: 1-877-404-2568

PAID Advanced Technical support

Get 24/7/365 remote troubleshooting and resolution of PC, laptop, and application issues with in-home technician service for internal wiring repair.

Call Us: 1-877-COX-ASST (269-2778)

Cox iPhone – Cox mail setup

Your download from –  iTunes

How do I set up a new Cox email account?

There different methods for different devices, For example, if you want to set up in your iPhone mobile then follow below paragraph guide, And if you want to set up through your browser then lets read:-

  1. First You need to visit
  2. After then simply click on Sign In My Account.
  3. Then, Enter your User ID and Password,
  4. Now click Sign In.
  5. Then navigate My Profile and click on View.
  6. The selectable of Users & Email Accounts.
  7. Now click on Add user.
  8. There you need to fill some info which needs.
  9. Now “Yes, create an email account”
  10. After then you need to add security code and Secondary User.

Now, You can add an additional email address easily.

Set up iPhone Cox

You can set your Cox email on your iPhone by following the below steps.

  • Go to settings.
  • Scroll down and select Mail, Contacts, and Calendars
  • Tap on Add Account and select Other
  • Now tap on Add Mail Account and enter the details asked such as name, email (Cox email address), Cox email password, and in the description write “Cox.”
  • Choose POP3 and enter details like Hostname (, the username (email), and password.
  • Scroll down and under outgoing mail server, enter Hostname (, username, and password.
  • Tap on Save and select your email address.
  • Scroll down and under outgoing mail server choose SMTP.
  • Under the Main server, select and check if the following information is displayed:

SSL: none

Serverport: 25

  • Tap done and go to the previous screen. Selection Advanced and check if the following information is correct:

SSL: none


  • Once again, visit the previous screen and restart your iPhone to complete the setup!

Set up iPhone Cox

Cox Connect – Apps on Google Play

Cox Connect is an application designed to run on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android platforms. It allows you to pay your bill, access features, and settings. To use the app, first, get it downloaded from Google Play. Apple device users download 10.0 or later versions, and Android users download 5.0 and more following versions.

You can download from – Play Store.

  • Sign in with your My Account login.
  • On signing in, you will be taken to My Account on to manage your account and access features. Features of Cox Connect App
  • The home screen of the app contains info of your bill, connection status, and other features.
  • You can make a one-time payment easily with the app. Tap on billion options to do so.
  • You can check the connection status of your internet and other connections.
  • You can check how many missed calls and voicemails you have in your absence by tapping the concerned icon. By tapping them, you can easily access the voice tools.  You can also use the Cox Voice app for it.
  • You can get directions from your current location by choosing the closest Cox store. You can use the Wifi hotspot to get the directions.

How do I access my Cox email?

Often you can see this question on a different forum and question-answer sites, But just follow below steps:-

  • First, you need to visit
  • After then just click on Login,
  • Just fill your ID and Password
  • Inbox screen Look like this screenshot
  • cox email inbox
  • And done.

Why is Cox email not working?

Many times the user-facing issue that Cox email not working, But that issue not from official it facing due to browser catch and cookies,

To solve your need to clear all catch and cookies and also disable any browser extension if installed in your browser. Also, you need to make sure IMAP/ POP settings is ok.

  • First catch and cookies
  • Disable browser extension
  • IMAP/ POP settings

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